Friday, August 10, 2012

Weird Spot

Headed out of town for the weekend. On our way to the lake house of our friend, Scotty.

I'm in kind of a weird spot. The people who have been around me since the surgery seem to expect me to be "done." ("You can probably chew a little though, right?", "How can you be tired? We haven't even gone that far?")

Also, everyone seems to think I must be dying to get out of the house. But to be honest, I'm happy to stay at home. I'm tired, I can't eat in public, and my face is messed up. Who'd want to go out?!?!? Don't get me wrong. I enjoy going out for a bit. It's nice to see friends, but going on long trips seems more like a punishment. Going out of town this weekend made me uptight.

Loaded up the Magic Bullet, my baby spoon, syringe, baby toothbrush, jars of baby food, etc. and headed out. It ended up being a very relaxed evening. We went out for soft serve. I should've known not to get hot fudge sauce, but I really wanted a "normal" food experience. Everyone ate their's in the car on the way home. I held mine and waited to get back, remove my elastics, grab my mirror and a baby spoon and then... yeah, mine melted.

: (

Yes, reader. You're right. Self-pity is not a pretty look on someone who's already so... puffy.

Btw, this was a "small."

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