Tuesday, August 7, 2012


A concern I raised to my surgeon (and my orthodontist) is that my teeth are a little off.

I know, I know. My teeth have been off my whole life. That's not what I mean. The midlines of my upper and lower teeth don't line up. If you look, my upper jaw looks off to one side.

Can't you just picture the surgeon holding the drill while a nurse stands back and says, "A little to the left. More. More. No back to the right. Um, I guess that's good."?

The surgeon did not seem concerned at all. He said that they line up when I close my mouth. You mean when I can't see them anymore? That's reassuring. When I showed my orthodontist, he looked a little, um, nervous.

When this is all done, I'd love to at least have a symmetrical face. I don't need to look like Jon Hamm, just two matching halves of a goofy guy would be fine. Too much to ask?

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