Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 25

Woke up early (had to skip breakfast) and headed out to Biddeford Pool, Maine to stay with our friend, David. We went on a walk down to the beach, along a path, and back. It was beautiful, but I was WORN OUT. Afterward, I laid on the couch like Karen Carpenter.

Later, we went to a very cool place called, The Tides Beach Club. It's on the water. Newly renovated. Hip, beachy, and relaxed. We went for cocktails. (I sipped ice water out of a plastic cup.) I'll look forward to going back there when I can have a drink and enjoy some food. The mussels looked good!

Back at home, my friends had lobsters for dinner. I had some salmon. (I need to start branching out again in terms of my diet. I'm in a rut.) Starting to have the first pangs of, "I wish I could eat that." (Even a toasted bagel smells delicious to me).

Yeah, I'm getting antsy now. I'm ready to be healed.

David and me "getting close"
 for a picture that is oddly
far away.

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