Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 26

Crazy eyes, chubby cheeks, and glistening lips? That's right. If Laura Bush, a Kewpie doll, and a hooker all had a baby... Well, that would be messed up. But whatever resulted would look a lot like me.

Went to see Billy Elliot with some friends. It was a great time. My friend, Kyle, looked me over and said, "Well, I can see how it's all going to come together," – like I'm an apartment mid-renovation...

"We've got just a few weeks, a budget of tens of thousands of dollars, and a team of doctors to turn this apneic, mouth-breather into a restful retreat with Old World charm. You're watching HGTV's 'Face Crashers!'" 

Actually, Kyle is incredibly kind and optimistic. It was great seeing everyone. I even drank some alcohol. Want to see how much?

The strongest drink I've ever met.
Before you get too excited. I drank the portion that was in the condensation line at the top. Then this got passed over to the lushes to pound before the show started.

So, what's new with my face?
- periodic stings (one under my eye and one at the corner of my mouth)
- sensation returning to my "dead cheek"

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