Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 44

Chewing Ain't All That

Bought Honey Nut Cheerios today thinking they'd be easy to get down once they'd soaked in milk. Nope. I couldn't fit them into the piggy bank slot called my mouth. My upper teeth just push them off the spoon like a janitor's broom. (If a janitor's broom also spilled milk down your chin.) My doctors haven't given me exercises to widen my mouth yet, so I'm not going to try. (I'm very compliant.)

Your Lips Can be Used as a Flotation Device

While brushing my teeth today, I noticed that the inside of my lower lip was... weird. It looked flabby. I realized that the swelling has probably gone down – making it look like a deflated tire. I wonder when I write on the board at school if my lips will flap like the underside of some teacher's arms.


  1. Welcome to PA, the only state where we actually say the letter abbreviation instead of the word. Why do we do that anyhow?
    And if you live in Pittburgh, as I do, the vernacular gets 'all kinds of wrong' on an even deeper level.
    Hope you get some good rest at your parents' place. Might I suggest a breakfast outing to Bob Evans? The older clientele there is much more sympathetic to chewing troubles :)

  2. You're a funny guy. I love following your posts :)

  3. Bob Evans!! I don't care how much sodium is in there. Biscuits and gravy is worth bloating.
    ♫ Bob Evans... down on the farm... and up in your face. ♪

  4. Thanks, Chloe. You have a surgery date yet?