Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 18

Went shopping for our classrooms (Staples, Dollar Store, iParty). I didn't get any major stares. My face definitely goes through transformations throughout the day. At some points it looks fairly normal. As the day goes on it seems to droop and widen – like a melting Richard Nixon.

For dinner we had halibut blended with juice from the pan and some yogurt on the side to "stir in as needed." It was really, really good. It's also high in Magnesium. (Or Manganese, as Madonna would say.) I also had a sweet potato and a little more guacamole. (Holy crap, I love guacamole.)

New skill – I can fairly reliably take two sips in a row now. But I can't get greedy or I get a belly button full of Vitamin Water.

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