Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 27 - Speech Sample #3

My speech is clearly improving, but still somewhat mushy. I can say, "boiling pot of gold" with some effort, which is good because that's pretty functional language.

You'll also be undoubtedly impressed by my ability to not drool. Thanks for noticing, reader. You'll see my loudly-slurping-soup maneuver that makes that happen. Fun fact: I'm pretty sure Anthony Hopkins also had this surgery. Watch this video and see if you can tell where he stopped himself from drooling. (I know Mr. Hopkins, I get the same way when I talk about food!)


  1. You've managed the spit slurp, woohoo. OMG I'm a weirdo.
    Here's the bad news, it took me weeks to break that habit :/

  2. leprechaun bounty hunters. hah.