Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 16


Have you ever shaved a dead face? It feels weird to say the least. Wait, how did you answer that question? Should I notify the FBI? Anyway, it's really awkward. I get really scared around my chin because I can't feel it AND my skin moves in a weird way – like its going to come loose and bunch up like a Shar Pei or that annoying kitchen rug when you do dishes.

Also, probably as a result of rapid weight loss and my face being pulled forward, I am currently suffering from old lady neck! Seriously, it looks like Candace Bergen down there. If I tug at it, it just stays – like meringue.


When I sleep, I lay on my back, semi-inclined (so my head stays raised). You know what's weird? Ok, yes, that time you shaved a dead man's face, but you're getting off track, reader. The weird thing is I don't snore – at all. I can just breathe. I guess that's not exactly weird, since it was the point of the whole surgery. It's just so different to me, I'm not used to breathing like this – with so much air and all.

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