Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 33

By Day 56 on other blogs, the person talks normally and doesn't look swollen. Now I'm fixated on that day. Come on Day 56!!

Today, I walked the mile to the Apple store, then Starbucks. The lady barrista was clearly put off by my face and speech. She looked absolutely horrified. (I hope she doesn't play high stakes poker, because she will lose all of her hard-earned Starbucks money.) I tried to be extra nice but I couldn't win her over.

Girl: "Mother, the hunchback crossed my path!"
Mother: "Go home. Light a candle."

Reader, I almost forgot. Big news!! When I touch my lower lip in one small spot on the right side, I can just barely feel it. Come on nerves! I reeeeeeeeallllly want to feel my lower lip again. [Here's my old numbness map. Can't wait to re-do it.]


  1. Well, I'm at day 152 (had to bust out the calender) and I STILL have swelling. It comes and goes. Some days it starts looking great, then I'm puffy the next day. My OS says not to worry, some people just swell more than others. I hope you have better luck, but don't freak out if it hangs around like a bad rash!

    I'm also still improving on my numbness. It takes 12 months for nerves to heal.

    As far as speaking, I know it's embarrassing and annoying. I used to cover my mouth with my hand when I spoke to someone new (or else I would spit on them). If you're self-concious about it, just tell them. I would say(while covering my mouth slightly), "please excuse my speech, I just had jaw surgery." That always seemed to put people at ease. Then they weren't worried about staring, or trying to figure out what was 'wrong with me'.

    You are doing great for 4 weeks out! It turns a big corner around 3 months. Hang in there.

  2. That's so weird. I definitely have "tides" of swelling. I'll look normal one moment and then I'm all puffed up again. (Fighting the urge to reference Jessica Simpson. I'm better than that. Just let it go, Tom. Let it go.) It probably has a lot to do with diet. It's so easy to overload salt and/or sugar. I'm trying to eat more anti-inflammatory foods.

    Day 152?!? That's great. What will you do for your one-year anniversary? I'm definitely going out to eat for mine, "I'll have the jaw breaker soufflé and mashed taffy with a side of candy apples."

    Thanks for your advice and support! I'm hanging in here. Normal food in one week!

  3. Oh, going out to dinner for my one year anniversary for sure! I was thinking maybe a big ol' burger with lettuce and tomato that I could actually bite through with my newly functional front teeth. I'm loving your menu choices though :)