Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 40

Dinner Time

My sister, Angela, and her husband, Glenn, came up from Virginia. We went grocery shopping. They got shrimp for dinner. I had not-shrimp for dinner. There have been very few times that I coveted other people's meals during this puree period. This was one of them. It looked good and they reported that the shrimp was "cooked perfectly." Whatever I had was "blended beautifully" I'm sure.

I was also freaked-out/ embarrassed the first time I ate with everyone. It took me a while to figure out why. I mean, this was my family after all. Then I realized that we were eating at the table. Facing each other. Talking to each other. I'd been used to eating while sitting side-by-side and watching TV. It makes a difference. Do I apologize each time I drool? I wasn't sure how to act. What is the etiquette for slobbering again?

Playing Cards

My family loves to play games together. We play a lot of cards – Hand and Foot, Skip-Bo, Phase 10, etc. That's always fun. Unfortunately, both my sister and mother are notorious cheaters. Flagrant, malicious, devious, calculated cheaters. And because you read that on the internet, it must be true. So now that's out in the open and I, for one, feel much better.

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