Monday, August 13, 2012

Time to Play, Guess... My... Dinner!!

Ok, reader. You did really well in the speed round, but your final question is this, "What did I have for dinner?" I'll give you a hint. Alliteration plays a part. Use the comments section to place your official guess. I'm not sure what you win. But if I know you, reader, you're not concerned with material possessions anyway.

Ok, what do you think? What is it?


  1. this is the most fun i've had all day... beef and broccoli?

  2. Yes! Way to go. Ground beef and broccoli!!

  3. Pork and Peas?
    Pate' and Peas?
    Pudding and peas?
    Liverwurst and lettuce?
    Beef and BokChoy?
    Lamb and lettuce?

    I love this game.

  4. Sushi and Soy Beans?
    Shiitake and spinach?
    Liver and Lima beans?
    Bratwurst and broccolini?

    It is fun, huh?