Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 20

Got a haircut today. (I wanted my head to look bigger.) Met up with my friend, Suzie. We got burritos and drinks and came back to my place for a little Design Star and Bachelor Pad.

I ate the heck out of that burrito. I scraped the filling into my Magic Bullet (with a splash of water and some yogurt) and blended them into a yummy (but salty) paste.

New Powers

My lips close now. Drooling is down to a minimum. I can drink multiple sips from a cup while sitting upright. So far none of these are Olympic events. (Fingers crossed.)

Still Swollen

Is it me or are my cheeks looking chubby? I guess you are what you eat (baby food) or what you eat with (baby spoon), and maybe even what you brush with (baby toothbrush).  If you think I'm adorable in the picture above, you should see me getting my diaper changed! Oh God, I can't wait to be normal again. Not a complaint. I've been doing really well, but I will really enjoy eating normal food again, with friends, without a mirror, and without re-spooning bites off my lower lip back into my mouth.

(Btw, I don't really wear a diaper – usually.)

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