Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 29

Increasing protein and reducing salt and sugar is an ongoing goal. Not an easy one though. But, I was craving eggs and they fit the nutritional bill. They're also a good source of B vitamins. I scrambled and blended them with half and half. I love that they look like a solid omelet, but they're actually the consistency of deviled egg filling. By the way, do you own a deviled egg dish? If so, you are probably:

  • Over 50,
  • From Utah, or
  • Pretty cool.

And no, reader, you can't be all three.

Love my glistening lips.  Might start
applying the Vaseline with a
lip gloss wand (to add to the effect.)

1 comment:

  1. scrambled eggs with ricotta may be a good thing for you. Don't forget the butter - blend w/ a tad of milk or h20. Blend a bruschetta-esque side to go with it. Maybe tomato, fresh basil, a little evoo, s+p?

    You look great. Spectacular.
    Keep up the good work.