Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What a Difference a Week Makes!

Got up early this morning after a nice rest. The only current bummer is that I'm draining from my nose so it rolls back into my throat – the one I breathe from. I have to sleep sitting up, so periodically I wake up choking on... well as the doctors say, "I'm having trouble managing my secretions." Wait, that's grosser. Nevermind.

For breakfast, I had a nice, HUGE smoothie. Seriously, I ate for a good long time. It was blended strawberry-amoxicillan. MMM. Watch out Coldstone! Then I really cleaned my mouth hole. I even took off the elastics that hold it together so I could really get in there. The elastics are super hard to get back on, so it its an investment to remove them. When I'm done getting them back on I'm sweaty and have to lie down. Seriously. Spent the rest of the day updating the blog, doing laundry, texting friends. Ah, I feel a lot better.

The Thing About Oxy...

So here's the thing. I am really sensitive to pain medicine. (I'm a cheap date.) But I actually tolerate pain pretty well. But when it comes to nausea I am a WUSS.

I mentioned to my doctors on 900 a few occasions that I did not want Oxycodone because it is too strong for me. Unfortunately, MGH did not "carry" Vicodin in its liquid form. Where am I headed with this? I am SO HAPPY to be off pain medication. Now that I think of it there were few times that I was in pain – ACTUAL pain. Most of the time I was just uncomfortable, hot, dizzy, nauseous, or something else. I know that I can look forward to some spasms and muscle pain as my nerves continue to "wake up" and I use everything more. I got some regular liquid Tylenol and some liquid Tylenol-3 if I need it.

Here is a picture of my current mug. Much less swelling. Still cannot close my mouth. See that really thick, course, black nose hair? (It's rude of you to have looked). That's actually a stitch holding in the stints. They come out Thursday. Can't wait. (I think.) Right? It won't be like a foley removal, right? Seriously, do not google that!

Peace out, non-droolers and droolers alike. My Class IIs and Class IIIs.

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  1. Wow, I'm pretty impressed by your spunk so soon after such an extensive surgery. Crossing my fingers that I don't get a Josie, but I have to agree, she would make a wonderful sitcom character. I'm also impressed by your speaking ability. Not what I would expect after only a week after surgery. Keep on keepin' on.