Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 9


Got up, had a smoothie, brushed, and showered. Then, two hours later... (Seriously.) Went in to see Dr. Kaban. First, and most importantly, they told me that I have the "best oral hygiene of any patient." I asked for a certificate. (I really did.) 

Despite my superior oral hygiene, I had the standard "freshen up" before examination. Is it weird that I'm really starting to like when other people brush my teeth? Btw, after my last dentist appointment, I came up with a new job where your hygienist does house calls to floss your teeth every night. It's called a "floss valet". If I get rich... Sorry, I digress. 

Stint Removal

Holy crap. First off, let me just say my nose is still very, very tender. I was nervous about getting the stints out. Dr. Schwartz very awesomely allowed me to videotape it for my sister. 

It's less gruesome than it felt. I edited out the first 5 minutes and 40 seconds of scissor penetration without success. (Look if I don't use phrases like "scissor penetration", how are you going to even get close to what it felt like? Seriously, reader. Just commit.)

The video is not too gross. View at your own discretion. Do you remember the red rescue cans that the lifeguards on Baywatch held as they ran into the water? Well, two of those were pulled out of my nose. [I strongly recommend you watch in full-screen mode.]

Let me just say – instant relief, intense odors, and air! I've never really been able to breathe through my nose (not without resting my head on my hand and pulling my face to one side opening my nose). Now I just breathe. And everything smells. I walked by a lady and she smelled like vanilla. Ha! Is this what you normal-nosers experience? Wild.

Menu, Please!

Stopped at the store on the way home. I've been craving some real food. I got stuff to make mashed potatoes with lots of butter and half-and-half. I also got guacamole and humus. Real (and typically blenderized in the real world) food. 

Walked home and felt pretty good. Also, didn't drool in public (provided I kept looking slightly up). Yay.


  1. You look great for day 9! Far, far better than how I looked.... good luck during recovery, it only gets better from here!

  2. Tom Tom! I missed your first 9 days, oh no! I'm glad your surgery went well and your spirits are up! Your swelling is way down, my friend. MMMM Guacamole was soo good during my recovery. I mixed it with beans and salsa, and it almost tasted like a real burrito!

  3. Thanks for tuning in! Yeah, my swelling is receding quickly. My upper lip is still somewhere between Madeleine Stow and Lisa Rinna. I'll be happy when I don't drool too. When does that happen?

    And if you have ANY recipe ideas, I need some protein and sustenance! I'm definitely going to try blending a burrito at some point.

  4. Friend, friend, friend, your neighbor dietitian is ready to make a house call. Text me when. Um, but not Thursday for my hair appointments trump all . . .

  5. Tara, I'd love a consult! I need to increase my Magnesium and Vitamin B. I'm hungry!