Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 14 - Two Weeks Post!!

Presents!! Got two packages today. A fantastic tall plastic mug from my cueing friends in Minnesota. It is covered, of course, with little drawings of moose, Viking helmets, and canoes. (I guess it's hard to draw the woolen mills). I love it! It also came with a Starbuck gift card, which I cannot wait to use.

I also got a package from my dear friend Adrienne. She sent steel, reusable straws (I feel so much cooler than I am), a journal, a novel, a really thoughtful list of books/TV shows I might enjoy, recipes, and lip balm. (Thank God for lip balm. These "soup coolers" are still hot dog-sized.) I'm so lucky and grateful. Thank you!

Now, reader, you are undoubtedly saying to yourself, "Gee, I haven't done anything for Tom yet. That's so incredibly inconsiderate of me and I feel just terrible about it." Oh, dear reader, please stop being so hard on yourself! You're breaking my heart. If you really feel obliged, send money.

I was also going to go out today and meet my friend, Suzie, but did not feel up for it. It was just too far and involved too much energy. (This dizziness is getting old). Suzie is one of those great friends who checks in with me everyday and when I told her I didn't think I could make it to her place, she came right over to mine. She's very, very thoughtful. (Oh, reader, this is killing you. Isn't it? Ok, why don't you call and order me some flowers, if it will make you feel better.)

Despite the issues around eating and brushing my teeth, I feel pretty good. Still no pain. Oh and several people have told me I look like a sock monkey. In the "Big Book of Things to Say to Someone Who Has Just Had Face Surgery"... oh, wait. You know what? It's not in there. (It hurts because it's true.)

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