Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 12

When I eat, I eat. It's a hassle to get calories in. I know that's not ideal. In fact, they recommended I eat five small meals a day. What mother-lover thinks I'm going to take out and replace my rubber bands five times each day?!?!?!? Sorry. There's no way.

So I had my yogurt blend and decided to have a Stonyfield Smoothie (quick and easy and I can drink out of bottles). Then, I saw it has 22g of sugar. They said, I might get sick of sweet foods. But I'm more worried about sugar and salt adding to my swelling. So, I've made a commitment to cut down on the processed crap even if it is easier. (No more home permanents, I guess.)

You'll see from the picture that I am actually wearing a shirt and am outside. I went for a walk up around the Bunker Hill Monument and back. I'm still dizzy, but it was nice to walk around.

Pureed fresh sweet potato with just
a tiny bit of sour cream added.
I hate having to worry so much about drooling. I walk nose-up, Hilary Banks-style, or else it gets... moist. I never leave home without multiple paper towels on standby.

Finished Season 1 of True Blood. I'm completely addicted.

- drink from cups and bottles (Have since Day 1, but still spill frequently. I still eat shirtless and holding a hand mirror to find my mouth.)
- swallow completely on first try. No double swallow needed per sip.

- close my mouth
- say /m b p/ words
- look down without drooling
- take two sips in a row
- eat normally from a spoon. (I stick my tongue out to take thick foods off the spoon.)


  1. You need baby spoons!!
    And once you learn the slerp/inhale (like with your top teeth resting on your bottom lip and suck in air to slirp the drool back into your mouth), it gets easier. Then I was just noisy instead of slobbery, but hey, it was progress. I learned to function without a papertowel held to my face and it felt great, no matter how gross it sounded :)

  2. It's probably hard to tell in the picture, but that is a baby spoon. I love my baby spoons and baby toothbrush. I'm working on the "loudly eating soup" sound that accompanies not drooling. I'm improving. I'm upright at my computer typing away and have only had a few "accidents". That sounds like I pooped my pants, but you know what I mean.