Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 8

Back to the Orthodontist

My in-laws came by with a cooler of ingredients and a stack of recipes. They were also nice enough to take me to the orthodontist. Very, very nice.

I sufficiently doped-up before I left in case Dr. Murthy wanted to poke around in there. Everyone at Dr. Murthy's office was incredibly nice to me. I could barely see pity or terror in their eyes at the sight of me. They really do make me laugh. So it was fun to see them. And Dr. Murthy barely touched me. (That sounded like court testimony.) But I mean he really just looked me over and recommended changes to the placement and direction of my elastics.

There were some concerns. The midlines (middles of my front two teeth) don't seem to line up. I'll follow up on that tomorrow.


Up until now I really haven't been in much pain. I had some trouble sleeping last night. I got up and took a dose of Tylenol 3. The good news is that I am getting more and more feeling. I've got cello strings being plucked in my lips and chin(s). The nerves are coming back. My chin still feels like a cadaver. What if it is actually the transplanted chin of a pyscho killer? I feel a movie deal coming on!!!

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