Saturday, July 21, 2012

And a Little Dressing on the Side

So far the only thing I can really tolerate is vanilla-flavored Boost. I like my food like I like Kristen Stewart – plain and cold. Ok that was mean. Honestly, I just wanted the joke. Sorry Miss Stewart.

My doctors think that my chin dressing (which distributes the swelling) is pushing a lot of it into my ears causing the dizziness and nausea. I got to remove it tonight in the shower. Can't say I felt a big difference. I was dying to see my chin. Not sure that I see a difference yet. I was secretly (and unrealistically) hoping to look like a character in Superman the animated series.

The good news is I continue to see the swelling go down. Still cannot talk or STOP DROOLING. Seriously, I cannot be upright without drooling like crazy. I've started walking with a tissue held to my lip.

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