Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 50

Cello Strings, Phantom Hairs, and Second Fingers

The faint throbbing of nerves in my lips has come back – the cello strings as I like to call them. Occasionally, I also have a single point of pain above my lips. No complaints about pain – any feeling is good.

If I touch the side of my nose, I feel a long phantom hair on my cheek. I obsessively try to find it – brush it away. But it is simply nerve damage. Nerve damage saying, "Is that a hair? Is it? That was definitely a hair. You get it yet?"

There is one other one weird thing I've felt for awhile. If I brush my upper lip with my finger, I feel a nonexistent "second finger" doing the same thing under my eye. It's creepy, but addictive. I do it a lot. Um, all day. Don't judge, reader.

Also, today I was sure I had feeling spreading over more of my lower lip. (I have a spot of feeling on the right side.) Just to be sure I held up my mirror and brushed my lip with the edge of the ziplock bag from my lunch. Nope. I could see it touching, but I felt nothing. I think I feel something when I touch with my finger, so maybe I have more feeling deeper in my lip – not so much on the surface.

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