Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 47

Off to Maine

Two old friends from DC invited me to Maine. I was a little nervous about debuting my face out on the town. 

When my friend, Mike, picked me up, he told that me he had orders to leave me on the side of the road if I looked too messed up. I guess I passed the test.

Let me just say, "Holy crap. What a difference each day makes!" When we got to the house, we were all hungry so we stood around the kitchen snacking. I had a hot dog (bunless and sliced, but a hot dog) and a Little Debbi Nutty Bar (dismantled into individual peanut butter strata). 

It was very... normal. It was great.

We also had drinks. The bar did not have a plastic cup, so I drank from a glass. After each sip, I dabbed my lips with a cocktail napkin. (Too bad I wasn't wearing a searsucker suit and sipping a mint julep for full effect.) The good news is, No messes! If I had a little "moisture" in the crease between my chin and lip, someone would signal me. But it was really no big deal.

In unrelated to my face news, can I just tell you that we went to see Sally Structhers in 9 to 5? Did you get that reader? Can you process all that? I can't. 

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