Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 48

Happy Labor Day

Spent the afternoon in Portsmouth, NH. It's a great town. The brewery there is a lot of fun.

Looking at my picture, there's some puffiness and it looks like some effort to have my lips close, but I felt normal. I had moments when I was not aware of my face at all. That's new. Usually my face feels heavy. I feel the weight of it. Today, though, it felt normal. I even ate a burger and fries. Not too shabby. Maybe my goal of "Normal by Day 56" isn't that far off!


  1. How you can eat a hamburger without pickles is beyond me.

  2. Ok. Here, let me have a bite of the pickle. Just for you. Tsssss! Ouch. Ouch. I'm ok. I'm ok.