Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dissect, To the Bone, Saw through the Mandible

Today, I had an appointment with my surgeon and 47 of his staff. Seriously, there were a lot of white coats in there.

They think "the plan" can be amended. They want to move my lower jaw 12mm instead of 10mm.

One (new) doctor went over the plan in more detail using a model skull (pictured). All I could think was, "That's me in 100 years."

So, I've already written about the plan, but here's what I got from today. "Operate entirely inside the mouth - no scars - dissect the gingiva to the bone - saw through the mandible - dissolvable sutures." A little gruesome.

My mouth will not be wired shut. I'll be able to open my mouth (a little), but I'll only eat blenderized food for 6 weeks. And no splint (some freakish thing wired to your palate to keep it widened). Yay. No splint. I can expect three days in the hospital in an "ICU-type situation" (What does that mean? Is it like a TV set of an ICU?). I'll have a 1:1 nurse because of my "apnea situation."

I went to Whole Foods after my appointment and had a minor freakout. Someone is going to saw off my jaws and chin? Who thought this was a good idea?

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  1. You will freak out sporatically, from here until surgery, at the most inopportune moments. Fair warning. But the 3 days in the hospital will be great. I went home less than 24 hrs post op, and it sucked.
    Enjoy your minty fresh breath now and thank goodness you don't need a splint. I had 4 week old food hangin out in my splint. My breath smelled and tasted so bad that I was convinced the neighbor's cat was sneaking in through my window at night and using my mouth as his litter box. I almost threw up when they took out my splint from the smell and taste of decayed food.
    So, when you're lying there, thinking it couldn't get worse, just remember, you could have garbage mouth :)
    Best of luck!
    Oh, and don't expect your nurses to be half as cute as on TV ;)