Monday, June 25, 2012

Cleaning Day

My last cleaning before surgery. I told Jess to do an extra-good job since I won't be able to clean inside my mouth for a while. Jess is an especially good hygienist because she: 1) loves reality TV and 2) makes me laugh. (She's also good at her job I'm sure.)

It went quickly. She said I'm doing a good job at keeping my teeth clean with no build-up. I thought my teeth looked grody (stained.) There's a noticeable difference following cleaning. I went from yellow corn to white corn kernels. (Proud to say never Indian Corn).

She gave me special fluoride rinse (to prevent cavities post surgery when I can't brush as well), some super floss (which I am addicted to), mini-tubes of toothpastes, and a baby toothbrush (for when I can't open my mouth very far.)

She recommends that I add Dexter to my viewing line-up during my convalescence. Done!

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