Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You've Got a Little Something Between Your Teeth

About a week before you get braces, you get spacers. The orthodontist uses dental floss to jam little blue rubber bands between your teeth. He wiggles and presses then SNAP. You can tell how satisfying it is for him. I saw stars. Then it feels like you have a little Thanksgiving Turkey in your molars... for a week. They don't go around your teeth they stand up between them like this |O|.

My bottom braces go on next week. They claim to do them apart so you "have one jaw to chew with." That makes as much sense to me as leaving me one hand to clap with.

At any rate, I went back for a second round of spacers. I'm getting used to strangers putting their fingers in my mouth. I should've worn thigh-high leather boots. I could've charged $5. You like bicuspid action?

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  1. Oh my goodness...you crack me up! What is wrong with these people who don't laugh at your jokes? I asked my surgeon after he told me he'd be doing uppper, lower, and possibly nose and chin, "Can't we just do a head transplant? I think that would be easier." ***barely got a chuckle, don't feel bad