Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bye #17

As you probably immediately recall (or can quickly verify on your personal calendar), my last wisdom tooth extraction was March 31. They took two teeth. Today, I noticed that those holes have closed. That's nice because when I rinsed my mouth a salad bar fell out. Braces + Wisdom Teeth holes = nooks and crannies. If I also grow a mustache, I can probably take my lunch to school without a lunchbag.

In preparation for today, I stocked up. Lots of pudding, yogurt, and smoothies. (Last night I ate a calzone.) I learned the hard way to avoid lemon flavored food for a few days. Zing! Also on the way home, Tara (my adult escort) and I stopped for Fribbles at our favorite Fribblerie, Friendly's. I'm already planning to get another one tomorrow. Another cool food I recently found was GoGo Squeeze Apple Sauce. It's only 1 point and frees you from the oppressive need of carrying a spoon. Thumbs up.

I was awake for a good part of the procedure again. I liked listening to the doctors discuss what to do. They said something about drilling a hole in the tooth to grab hold and pull it out. They said it was "more involved" and "very deep". They had to chip away at my jaw to get the tooth out. My surgeon informed me that my recovery may be a bit tougher.

Last time, he gave me Oxycodone. I wasn't sure if that was what gave me the fever and nausea (I barfed). So I asked for something lighter. I went with Vicodin.

When I got home, I ate my Fribble, took a Vicodin, and started up the DVR (I've been saving episodes of Ruby, Taboo, and Extreme Couponing. Quality TV – although I fell right asleep.

I have to admit, so far so good (knock on wood). Less bleeding, less nausea, less pain, but more swelling. I'm pretty sure they surgically implanted Jiffy Pop in my cheek. The left side of my face suggests I might be another Arnold Schwarzenegger love child. (Fingers crossed.)

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog - I've added you to my blog list now. Best of luck with everything!