Monday, May 9, 2011

Bottoms On

It's been three months since I got my top braces on. Mostly there's been no pain. In the beginning I was a little sensitive, but I got used to it. There has been some movement. Mostly my teeth are just lining up in the arch. The wire seemed a little wimpy. I like my braces to be like conversations about other people's dreams or pets – painful. Seriously, I want my braces to have some kick.

They put on the bottoms and added bands to the top. They also gave me a thicker, stronger wire on top. I'm pretty sure they pulled it off a spiral notebook. It was thick all right. I definitely felt it and my gap started closing right away. 

I had to include this picture because, well, it's kind of hot. You might be saying, "Is that really you? Did you rip a fake pic off the internet?" No, it's all me. Because of the goggles and my extended cheeks, I like to picture me on a motorcycle going really, really fast.

Now, I'm fully braced. Three months down. 15-21 months to go. Next step in the extraction of #17 next week.

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