Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 164

First of all, dear reader. You're welcome. I was going to be lazy and not calculate the "days since" my surgery. But then I found this little online gem that did the work for me. Phew!

Ok, so, what the what?! I abandoned you. Didn't I, reader? You're feeling lost and all alone. You've developed trust issues. You changed your name to "Shardonnée" and tell people you're a "dancer." What have I done to you?! My apologies.

Life has been a little, um, unstable since September. So this blog went on the back burner. No. Not even there. It was off the stove – in a tupperware – in the back of the fridge – with mold on it.

So what's the update? Dr. Murthy told me that I may get my braces off by March. (Woo hoo!!)

I've actually just started dating again. (Refer to earlier statement about September.) And as a orthodontic-American this is uncharted territory. So far, so good. I won't go into too many details, but I did go on a date with another "brace face". FYI, we did not get locked together as urban folklore would suggest. (At some point, however, I may just have to divulge more. The stories are just too good.)

Over the past few months, feeling has sort of returned to my lower lip and chin. It doesn't feel normal, but it isn't numb. It tingles when I touch it. When I walked around it felt like I had a chin strap on. I  figured I'd probably get used to it eventually, but I didn't like it. In the past couple days, however, I've noticed more improvement. So I remain hopeful. I'm considering acupuncture. I'll keep you informed.

Future plans

I still have to decide if I'm going to do my rhinoplasty and septoplasty. I'd like to have a completely functional nose and a matching set of nostrils. But, I'm leery. Surgery was semi-traumatic. I realize this one would be less so, but still. Also, in light of my recent move (again refer back to my comments about September), I'm not sure I can afford it. But it's my face, so, well... maybe.

Updates of this blog will still come for a little while – but only when I have appointments, etc. Aw, reader. Don't be like that. I can't update every day anymore. I feel like the absentee divorced dad who doesn't show up on birthdays. I'll be around, little buddy. Your mother and I still love you.

In Unrelated News

Who is watching Catfish? Could it be any better?! Thank God for Heather at Dr. Murthy's office. She gives me a new show every time I go. I've gotten five friends addicted to Catfish already. They ask when I have an orthodontist appointment just so they can get an update on shows to watch. (I'm not kidding.) Thank you, Heather.

Here's what I need you to do, reader. Watch Catfish the show, first. Get addicted. Then, watch Catfish the movie. When Nev gets out of bed wearing red briefs, prepare to laugh your fool head off/ poop your pants. I'm serious. It's worth it. I swear!! Just be sure to follow the order of those steps. Thanks, reader. You're the best.

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