Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 89

I'm alive!

Reader, you probably thought the worst! Did his jaw fall off? Where have I been? Well, my life was been a little nutty. It has been turned upside down – literally!! Ok, not literally. But it does punctuate the sentence nicely. My life has been turned upside down – figuratively! Yeah, not the same.

I met with my surgical team on Thursday. Dr. Kaban told me I have a "stiff upper lip." Ok, that one is literally true. He also told me that I may experience improvement in sensation for up to a year and a half. I found reassurance in that.

Yesterday, I actually felt more numb. I also had  drooling and dribbling events. Are you kidding me?!?! I remain hopeful.


I asked the nurse for the x-rays taken right after surgery. I'm very excited to have them. I love the floating screws in my jaw. (Although my self-diagnosed OCD makes me wish they were neatly lined up.) I want to print this one and put use it as a Halloween decoration. Good idea, right?

In the second one, look at those gorgeous, luscious, ghostly lips. BUT GET THIS, READER. I told her my secret wish is that I had pictures during the surgery. 

"Oh, we have pictures from during the surgery." 

What the what?!?!?! Yes, reader. I have pictures of me during my surgery. They are unbelievable. I have a photo of my upper teeth lying unaffiliated in the middle of my mouth. 

I also have pictures of my mouth stretched to resemble a bowling ball bag. And I have a picture of my adorable chin... without any skin on it.

And, yes, I am dying to post all of them, but figure I probably shouldn't. I'll mull. Add a comment if you have an opinion one way or the other.

Sorry, I've missed so many posts. I might try to put together a collage and pre-date it. Thanks for the welcome back reader. You're a doll – literally.  


  1. Lmao about the OCD thing!!! I thought the same thing

  2. Omg, yes!!! But wait until Wednesday. I don't want to see them before my surgery and I don't have the willpower to look away.

  3. I'd strangely like to see them too...

  4. I want to see them too. I forgot to ask my surgeon if they have photos from mine. I hope they do because I really want to see them!

  5. Not sure about the photos, but glad you (and your lips of course) are back. Erin

  6. Try acupuncture! I have regained a lot more sensation in my lower lip and chin since starting it. I'm at week 10, and started the acupuncture at week 6. I don't have any area I can't feel anymore, I just have varying degrees of tingling, and it keeps improving. don't wait, it's best to work with the nerves early on. good luck!

    1. I am also at an "advanced age"... 50.

  7. Now that I'm post op I def wanna see them! Maybe you should post them but with a warning for people that don't want to see... but I definitely do!

  8. oh yeah, post those bad boys! Just put up a clear warning for the squeamish.

  9. Tom:
    HELLO! Imagine how excited I was to see another "speechy" who had the same surgery I am having for the same reasons. It is like we were separated at birth. Amanda K. directed me to your blog. My surgery is scheduled for Feb. I am trying to figure out a realistic "leave of absence." I work in Early Intervention so I don't have a long break during the year. My surgeon is recommending a 6 week leave but will clear me whenever I am ready. Do you remember at what week you felt you could speak clear enough to work? I am 41 so I know it will take a little longer for the numbness to go away compared to the 20 somethings. Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated... mean while I am stalking your blog :) but not in a creepy way I promise!