Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dental Cleaning

Is there such a thing as a dental nerd? Wait, yes. What am I saying?! They work on me all the time. Ok. Let me start again. I really LOVE getting my teeth cleaned. I can't believe people don't do it constantly. My teeth look so bright-white afterwards and someone else flosses your teeth. Yes, reader, I'm eluding again to my genius idea to create a new service called FlossValet inspired by Jess, my hygienest (shown above).

In addition to the squeaky-cleanliness of my teeth, Jess and I laugh the whole time. Cleanings take somewhere between four and twelve hours because I won't stop laughing/talking. News break: Jess is engaged. I'll be sure to blog the link to her registry. You'll want to get them something, reader. I'm sure.

I go to Park Side Dental Care in Boston (Near Boston Common. Get it? Get it?) It's very close to my school so I can walk there and it's a bit posh. Newbury street. I buy all my designer outfits nearby. The ones I'm saving for special occasions, reader. You don't see them on the blog because I want to keep them nice. Just drop it, reader. Anyway, we talked about my post-braces-removal-cleaning (which I will do early and immediately when they come off) and about the possibility of veneers. Honestly, they may be too rich for my blood, but we'll have to see how my teeth look. My goal is a smile somewhere between Bachelor-contestant and Gameshow host. So we'll see.

The lovely (and hilarious) staff.
I know. I'm hot, right?


  1. Having been totally weird and potentially slightly stalkerish, I've read from the beginning of your blog (it's brilliant, you write so well), and thought it rude not to stop and say hello. So, er, hello!


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  5. I brush My teeth two to three times a day and I go to My dentist for a check up twice a year. I always love having a good oral health and I am confident with my good smell and fresh breath, Thanks to Manhattan dental clinic for a great service and a friendly staff! Clean, professional environment.

  6. Dear Jogara, Thanks for your post! It is clearly a declaration of your love of dental hygiene and does not at all seem like an advertisement that you put on my blog. And I'm so glad you love going there. To help you out I'm going to make a suggestion. To everyone reading this blog, avoid Manhattan Dental Clinic. That way Jogara will always be able to get in. Isn't that a great idea?? Pretend they have horrible service. Imagine you saw a rat nibbling on the polishing brush tip. Visualize oozing sores on the fingertips of the hygienists at Manhattan Dental Clinic. Everyone got that? Great. So we're agreed. No one will ever go there. Thanks Jogara. You should be all set. Enjoy those pearly whites at that place that I'm sure you don't work at.

  7. Your enthusiasm for dentistry is contagious! I want to go to my own dentist now just from reading your blog. Going to the dentist is great. Your mouth feels so good after being cleaned and you can smile more knowing that your teeth are far cleaner than they were before you came.

    John @ OrangeDoorDentalelkhart.com

  8. Nice smile you got there! I can see you really had fun with your dental visit, and it seems you know the staff well to be that comfortable around them. That is a good thing. It means you trust them well enough with your dental needs.

    Jairo Chavez @ SpringBranchDental.com