Friday, May 18, 2012

New Episodes of Cougar Town!!

Remember when Cougar Town disappeared and EVERYONE collectively cried out, complained, and brought it back?!?

The one with Courtney Cox.

Ok, well, never mind. I like that show. My point is, you've been anxiously awaiting this latest blog entry. Your nails are chewed away, but reading Extreme Makeover: Tom Edition fan fiction got you through! Can I start referring to this blog as EMTE? Will you help it catch on?

To the point...  I went to my orthodontist – having pre-selected my elastics thanks to this little picture on my iPhone...

Please use this to advise future elestic decisions and patterns.

I chose Mediterranean (I looked up at the picture to spell it correctly) and also had to have my "chain" replaced (which I got last month). [see below] It's purpose is to close the gaps in the front, including that persistent front gap.

The exciting part is that I got my surgical wires placed. They are the thickest ones you get. They move your teeth immediately and cause some significant discomfort – like the slightly less-advanced "punch in the face".

Now that they are in place, if my surgery gets approved, I'll be ready to go for face-mangling surgery in July.

I did ask Dr. Murthy about when the surgical hooks are placed. He said, "Just one week prior. You won't be happy with me." Ok, for those early in the process, when a doctor tells you something may cause "discomfort" then GRAB HOLD OF THE CHAIR AND BITE DOWN ON YOUR LEATHER BELT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another blog also reports that the hooks can be painful. Oh well, I'll plan a visit to my pain specialist (read: bartender).

Things may be picking up on EMTE soon. (The new name is  already catching ooooooonnnn!!!!) I remember when I started this process, the timeline seemed so unbearably long and surgery so far off. Now it seems like its flown by. I can't believe my surgery date is coming up.



  1. I'm stealing that picture of the elastic colours.
    I usually get silver, and the assistant put grey on my brackets, ahhhhh
    I wonder if anyone actually gets yellow and what that might look like from a distance.

  2. I did yellow. Not my favorite. (I let one of my students pick.) I even tried 'extreme green'. I've decided BOLD is the way to go. Still, by far, teal is my favorite.